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The Corsica

An explosion of mountains in the middle of the Mediterranean, an island apparently impenetrable, strong, rough like the few inhabitants that populate it. Corsica is a land sculpted by high mountains inside and by soft and rocky coasts, beaches, coves, bays that outline its profile. Island of natural heritage of great value, it is also considered, in all likelihood, the birthplace of the great Napoleon Bonaparte!

French territory on paper, Corsica is one of the favorite destinations for lovers of the sea, nature and tranquility, good food and welcome meetings ... Its beautiful beaches are for the most part accessible only from the sea!

The 67 Genoese towers still visible along the coast, the Calanche de Piana, the remains of Filitosa, the beauty of the Scandola reserve, the uncontaminated and uncrowded coves, the explosion of colors of the water and the land that can be admired from the largo, Romanesque and Baroque churches, prestigious houses ... Corsica gives us all of itself!
From 4,000 years of crossroads of routes and peoples, the island was initially and legendarily called by the Greeks Kalliste, or "the most beautiful". Today it is called "l'Île de Beauté", or "the island of beauty": a third of its territory is protected as a natural park and a large part of the coast has not yet suffered the concrete flows that unfortunately are found on the coasts of other wonderful islands of the Mediterranean. Everything in Corsica is shining! We will remain enchanted by the energy that this island releases; from the sea so limpid and from the thousand colors to make it seem almost a painted canvas, from the coasts really uninhabited and still wild, from the small marinas remained as in the past!

The stages of our sailing trip are certainly among the most sought after: Centuri, Saint Florent, Macinaggio and their magnificent surroundings...

...The Islands of Capo Corso are placed as sentinels of Cape Town: the three islets of Finocchiarola, Giraglia and Capense. In the past, their position compared to the strategic era to control city gates; today they have become natural sanctuaries.

The Promontory of the Seagulls, in front of the small and charming fishing port of Centuri, dating back to the VI century BC, place from the strategic position so that a few centuries later it was conquered by the Genoese and controlled by them until the twelfth century AD.

Saint Florent, of Genoese origin, maintains its historic center called Cittadella, built in 1440 at the request of Doge Giano I of Campofregoso, and appears almost exotic in style thanks to its sand color and almost Arabian constructions. Today San Fiorenzo, as it was originally called, is the Saint Tropez race, thanks to the liveliness of life, to the clubs and the large yachts moored in its port.

Macinaggio. This town owes its name to the windmills that characterize it and is the most important port of Cap Corse; already active in antiquity - Roman period - thanks to the trade in oil and wine amphorae, it preserves numerous and visible remains of its history. The village, included in the route of the Genoese towers of Corsica, is also one of the two points of departure and arrival of the famous "Sentiero dei Doganieri", which arrives in Centuri. Its beach is one of the most appreciated in the area.

Capraia, the third island of the Tuscan Archipelago and also the wildest, is located in the Corsica Channel and was until the eighties the seat of the homonymous prison. This small island is considered a great naturalistic heritage and a geological jewel, being the only volcanic island of the Archipelago. It has two inhabited centers, the port and the ancient village close to the "Fort of San Giorgio", dating back to the Pisan period between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries.
The landscapes, the bays and the coves are of priceless beauty, the vegetation is luxuriant as well as rich in endemic plants; the fauna, very varied on land and at sea, offers us the meeting with the elegant "seagull course", the rarest species in the world that is also found in some areas of the island of Elba. Leaving the roadstead chosen by the Commander and refreshing while surfing with a quick snack, we will shortly reach the small port of Capraia, where we will descend to the ground and we can admire the village that preserves its historical and artistic heritage, bequeathed by the many civilizations course of the centuries starting from Greeks and Romans. The typical "tower houses" in pastel colors, built on three levels using local stone, await travelers with their ever-present bowers of bougainvillea and vines. There are numerous sites to admire: the former penal colony, the Torre del Porto, the churches of Santo Stefano, Assunta, San Nicola, San Antonio, the Salata Building, Forte San Giorgio and the Palazzone.

The ideal holiday and the best places to spend your days on the beach and on the ground, alternating relaxing baths, snorkelling and sailing in the most popular races!

"The sea enchants, the sea kills, touches, scares, even laughs, sometimes disappears, sometimes, disguises itself from the lake, or builds storms, devours ships, gives riches, does not give answers, is wise, is sweet, it is powerful, it is unpredictable, but above all: the sea calls." - A. Baricco

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