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The Island of Elba, is a jewel of the Tuscan Archipelago that offers pristine bays, small paradises within reach of the boat, crystal clear sea and ancient villages: a journey through the waters crossed by the ancient Romans, from the ships of the Maritime Republics, around an island inhabited by Palaeolithic peoples of which they still bear witness today, from Phoenicians, Etruscans, Romans, Barbarians and pirates. Pisani, Genoese, Florentine, Neapolitan, Spanish, English and French, who understood the wealth and strategic position of this small strip of land in the middle of the sea.

Even Napoleon Bonaparte was kidnapped by the beauty and tranquility of this island, despite having been elected as a place of exile of the Emperor, so as to have two private residences built, the Villa dei Mulini on the cliff of Portoferraio and the Villa di San Martino, just outside the village. And again Gli Argonauti, which legend has as visitors to Elba during their wanderings in search of the "Golden Fleece"!

The stages of our sailing trip are certainly among the most sought after and with some more gems: from Cavo, a charming maritime center, to Porto Azzurro, an ancient fishing village and a lively tourist port; from Capoliveri, an ancient Etruscan stronghold and guardian of one of the most beautiful bays of Elba, to the Costa del Sole, a magnificent work of art of nature that houses the magnificent villages of Chiessi, Fetovaia, Pomonte, Colle d'Orano, Cavoli and Seccheto and their fantastic coves and granite cliffs, used in antiquity for the construction of the Pantheon and the Cathedral of Pisa, passing by Marciana Marina, the smallest town in Tuscany, reaching the island of Capraia, a geological and naturalistic jewel...

...Porto Azzurro, an ancient fishing village visible from the open sea thanks to the Fortress of San Giacomo, an imposing 17th century building on the top of the promontory that dominates the town, you can enjoy a tasty aperitif served on board, which will make the entrance to the bay even more romantic. Walking in Porto Azzurro is pleasant: at the base of the fortress are the seaside village and the marina with its promenade that, in addition to the cheerful air of the holidays, also offers quaint and picturesque restaurants on stilts. In this place, as in all the rest of the island, we pass gently from the history, nature and tourism of a modern marina that keeps its appearance intact.

Bays and enchanting beaches where you can stop for a dip, like the beach of Punta Le Ciarpe, one of the small jewels that the Elba knows how to reserve. It is a very small beach, in the Innamorata Bay: the "Scoglio della Ciarpa" is the place where Maria threw herself in search of her beloved kidnapped and killed by the pirates (see the legend of the Innamorata). a romantic beach of sand and stones, a popular destination for snorkelling, thanks to the depths rich in fauna, and the particular landscape, characterized by the setting offered by the nearby Gemini Islands.

Marina di Campo - for decades one of the most famous and known tourist resorts of the island, so as to be nicknamed in the '50s "the little Viareggio" - offers a picturesque old town, the watch tower dating back to the Pisan-Medici era, the precious tourist port, numerous clubs and the longest sandy beach of Elba located in a spectacular bay.
Its beach is the longest on the Island of Elba and the sea water drops very softly: in some points for more than 50 meters from the water's edge you can walk and play ball or beach tennis with water that does not exceed the life .

Marciana Marina is considered, from every point from which it is admired, the most beautiful panorama of the Island of Elba. Among lush vegetation and nestled at the foot of Mount Capanne, the village welcomes visitors in its seafront and in the old fishing village called Il Cotone, full of bars, shops and restaurants. The 12th-century Pisan Tower, the Archaeological Museum that collects finds from the Middle and Upper Paleolithic found at Elba, the beach with the blue flag "La Fenicia" and the "Sentiero dei Profumi", immersed in the luxuriant Mediterranean scrub, are the main do.

...The Island of Elba will surprise you for its uncontaminated and luxuriant nature, for the limpid sea, pure, colorful and rich of marine animals, for the great number of birds, among which the very rare species of the Corsican seagull, for the history that permeates from every rock, village or port, for the possibility to meet along the navigation happy dolphins and other marine species.

You can dedicate your days to sea and land activities, alternating baths, snorkeling and sailing to walks in the most popular places in Elba.

Not only the sea, not only lovely tourist harbors and romantic bays, not only the excellent company of our travel companions, but also the best of Mediterranean cuisine, often enriched and accompanied by Crocus Ilvensis, a species of endemic saffron, of the renowned wines elbani so appreciated to push ancient merchants to cross the sea to reach here, wines now represented by the island farms that produce DOC and DOCG wines according to tradition: "the Island of good wine", said Pliny the Elder!
... all the ingredients are there, then set sail to discover the Island of Elba!

"The Island of good wine", said Pliny the Elder!

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