Luggage on a sailing boat

La valigia in barca a vela
The sailing boat’s “All Exclusive” holiday formula:
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Luggage on a sailing boat


When we think about sailors we have images of white-uniformed lads with a girl in every port, tattoos, sailor’s cap, and of them waiting at the port with their ever-present duffel bag! 

And there’s the trick! On a boat, you don’t need suitcases or rigid bags… but soft bags.

Forget the transatlantic crossings of last century when the trunks used by both immigrants and nobility were loaded onto the large ships.

bauli in barca a vela

Generally speaking, there’s not much extra space on a sailing boat. Although Dream 1 is exceptionally comfortable thanks to its width of 5 metres, the cabins cannot be considered spacious.

Therefore, when you take a holiday on a sailing boat you need to use a soft bag. Though you may want to avoid a sailor’s duffel bag – I’ve tried: it’s not that comfortable or practical!

So, on a sailing boat (or any recreational boats for that matter) rigid suitcases – large or small – are not allowed. You need something that you can fold away once you have emptied.


That’s where the answer lies… a bag that can be folded!

In a cabin on a sailing boat, and Dream 1 is no exception, there are lots of little storage places: small lockers, shelves, cupboards, spaces under the flooring, which, when they are all used can contain lots of things but these are of no use if we have to use all the space up to store our rigid suitcases – provided there is a space big enough for them to fit in!

Now that we have explained why you need soft bags for a sailing boat holiday, imagine you are on board and have been shown to your cabin – what now?

The first thing to do is unpack your bag, and organize where to put your things away. This is also important because there is always some movement on a small boat: Out on the sea, the boat moves even when the sea is calm, so you can imagine how it rocks when there is a bit of wind or the sea is not quite so calm…

If you have to go below deck to get something while in navigation, it’s better that all your clothes and belongings are stored away correctly so that you will easily be able to find what you are looking for and be back up on deck in no time!

If, however you have thrown your bag (not suitcase!) on the cabin bed, thinking “I’ll unpack later”, you might find yourself swaying around the cabin while the boat is pitching and rolling, and I can assure you this would bring on an episode of seasickness even for those who don’t usually suffer. So why ruin your first day on the boat? All you need is a little organization to fully enjoy the feeling of being out on the waves.

So, are you ready to set sail with your soft bag?!!

PS: don’t miss the next post on what to bring with you inside your soft bag on your sailing holiday!

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