Sailing Holidays in Italy and the Mediterranean

Sailing Holidays
in the Mediterranean

A sailing holiday is a dream for many of us, but you don’t have to be a sailor to enjoy this unique experience.

Our sailing holidays are for everyone! Thanks to our crew you can either pass your time relaxing or if you want to help in any way the skipper will make you feel like a real sailor! A holiday aboard a yacht is a unique way to experience the sea. Far away from the stress of the crowded beaches you’ll be able to relax and enjoy special days…

You could experience a day aboard Dream 1, a comfortable 55-foot-long yacht that is 5 metres wide that is both spacious and relaxing, in the company of your family or friends

You can spend a week, a weekend or even a day aboard: we organize aperitifs or you could even have Dream 1 all to yourself!


Week-long sailing holidays Isola D'Elba, Corsica, Liguria Cinque Terre

Treat yourself to a holiday on a yacht.

Set sail for your holiday on a yacht in the Mediterranean: Elba, Corsica, Liguria, Cinque Terre, Portofino, these are just a few of the spectacular places we could visit!

On board with Sailing Dream Team, means having fun, relaxing, resting and discovering new places. You will always have the presence of an expert skipper and our hostess so that you can enjoy your time without the hassles of a charter: stocking the pantry, itineraries, cleaning…it’s all included.

Our sailing holidays are something different, special and are also very affordable.

All Exclusive Formula

What we mean is all inclusive! Our formula is unique, why? Because our culture is that of a Tour Operator like Kel 12. We do not offer just a “simple” sailing holiday; we want to offer our guests the best so they can spend their time having fun, without any of the usual on board responsibilities.

A holiday in which everything is included in the price, without extra costs, without any small print: everything is clear from the start. Ask for a quote and you’ll see what we mean.