The sailing boat’s “All Exclusive” holiday formula:

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The sailing boat’s “All Exclusive” holiday formula:


The sailing boat’s “All Exclusive” holiday formula: all you need to know for a relaxing holiday spent in complete comfort!

What is an “All Exclusive” formula? It’s a new way of experiencing a holiday… our prices include everything that is not included in other holidays: an example? Final cleaning! That’s right, many of our competitors do not include this in the price they offer, but you have to pay all the same because it is obligatory! (Would you get on a boat that hasn’t been cleaned?)

So then, is the formula All Inclusive… well yes and no. Yes, because in our prices we include everything that our competitors present as an optional but that is in fact an obligatory optional! It’s not an all-inclusive formula, like in holiday resorts, but there is everything that you specifically need: therefore, it is All Exclusive!


Let’s do a short recap of what it means to have a sailing boat holiday with the formula “All Exclusive” …

  • Skipper included
  • hostess included
  • tender included (possibly a lomac 400 with 25hp when possible)
  • outboard motor included
  • fuel included
  • cost of ports included
  • breakfasts included
  • lunches included
  • aperitifs included
  • soft drinks during the day included
  • sheets included
  • bathroom towels included
  • final cleaning included


It’s not only a question of money, but if you work it out you’ll understand what we’re talking about. Apart from this there is the convenience, quality of your holiday and safety: all things that make your sailing boat holiday exclusive!


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