“While you’re down there….” a holiday on a sailing boat

Welcome to Sailing Dream Team
Welcome to Sailing Dream Team
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“While you’re down there….” a holiday on a sailing boat

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Whoever has been on a sailing boat knows what “while you’re down there” means.

Just imagine: you’re anchored offshore of a picturesque little cove, the waves gently lapping against the boat and you’re relaxing in the cockpit, enjoying the sea breeze. Maybe you can just about see the sunbathers crammed together on the distant shore and think about how they must be suffering in the heat while you are enjoying the gentle breeze that can only be felt on a sailing boat.

But there’s something missing: something you need. Maybe it’s a drink of water or that book you just have to finish. You carefully look around to see if what you need is within reach…oh no, the water bottle’s empty!

Just as you were relaxing in the afternoon heat, already thinking about that siesta …you just can’t help thinking about that one thing you could do with right now. At that moment one of your travel companions stands up and you are about to get your hopes up…but then you see they are only moving to the prow to sunbathe.

Then somebody else stands up and puts one foot on the hatch to do down into the boat, and a chorus of voices say “while you’re down there…”

That’s right, as soon as somebody looks like they’re about to go down into the boat everyone suddenly needs something, whether you’re anchored offshore, in navigation or even docked in the port. It often becomes a sort of private group joke that continues long after the holiday is over.

This is partly due to the fact that sailing boats are built with specific parameters in mind, including safety, and so the inside of the boat where the cabins are is separated from the outside. You can see a large-scale example of this in the galleon docked in Genoa’s old port (right next to the Kel12 Genoa office).

The same cannot be said of yachts which have everything on deck – but they are just not as much fun as sailing boats! Just think; sailing along in silence without the roar of the engine, manoeuvring the boat while taking into consideration the wind and the waves, pointing windward and easing the sails, bearing away to maintain speed, checking the threads on the sail, knowing how to control thd boat…

This is all in the daily experience of a sailing holiday on Dream I, even as you are comfortably sitting and relaxing on the boat.

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